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I just had to write and tell you guys that the Walky Dog PLUS is AMAZING!!!!! ...He LOVES to run and gets so excited when he knows we are going for a “bike ride” :)

- Tara W.

I have lost track of the MILES AND MILES of exercise that I have been able to provide for my Australian Cattle Hound who was BORN to run and LIVES to run...

- Lewis D. -Mt. Washington, KY

We received our WalkyDog on Wednesday. On Friday after a few adjustments, we took Angel, our Catahoula mix, out for her first run.
She took to it almost instantly and loved it!

- Martin & Lisa

I received the WalkyDog Plus on Friday evening. Installed it on my bike and it took him only 5 minutes! We were thrilled. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I feel that both the dog and I are MUCH safer using the WalkyDog Plus.

- Gail S. -Indiana

I never review anything online, but I have to now. I just received Walky Dog Plus. My dog did great on the bike. My dog had never run alongside the bike before and this was the first time.

- Somying

I purchased two Walkydog plus attachments and I have to say I was very skeptical. My dogs are VERY high energy. I have tried other products and all failed or broke rather rapidly. Not so with the Walkydog plus.

- Liz

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Welcome to WalkyDog.com

We are Walky Pet Inc. - official distributor of the WalkyDog® Plus dog bike leash and Walky® brand products for North America. The WalkyDog is a specialty dog bike leash with pull absorbing springs made to safely take your dog on bike rides with you. This is the official Walky Dog website.

About the Walky Dog Bike Leash

What is the Walkydog bike leash?

The WalkyDog, often referred to as the Walky Dog Bike Leash, is a popular accessory for pet owners who want to enjoy outdoor exercise with their dogs while cycling. This durable accessory is designed with safety in mind, featuring a leash that attaches securely to your bike frame and encourages your dog at a safe distance from the wheels. The WalkyDog is compatible with most standard bicycles and comes in various sizes to suit different dog breeds. To ensure safety, it's crucial to train your dog gradually and choose the appropriate terrain for your rides.

What makes the Walkydog a safer option for biking?

The WalkyDog stands out as a safer option for biking with your dog compared to holding a regular leash for several reasons, with one key feature being its internal pull-absorbing springs. These springs are designed to absorb and dampen the sudden jerks and pulls that can occur when your dog makes unexpected movements during a bike ride. This minimizes the risk of losing control of your bike, which is a common concern when using a traditional leash.

Safety and the Walky Dog.

When using the WalkyDog Bike Leash, safety should always be a top priority. While this innovative accessory is suitable for various dog breeds and sizes, it's essential to consider your specific dog's needs. For instance, it's not recommended for puppies, as they may not have the maturity or stamina required for biking. Additionally, short-snout breeds, such as Bulldogs or Pugs, may be more prone to breathing difficulties, and prolonged exercise with the WalkyDog may not be suitable for them. To ensure a safe and enjoyable biking experience with your dog, it's crucial to adhere to safety guidance. For comprehensive safety guidelines and tips on using the WalkyDog, we've developed a detailed safety guide that you can access in our FAQ section of the website. It provides valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and prioritize the well-being of your dog while enjoying outdoor adventures together with your WalkyDog.

Our Story

It all started some years ago when Cesare, passionate about dogs and mountain bikes, decided the time had come to find a solution to the problem that was keeping him from enjoying both his passions: to walk with his dog, Plinski, and to ride his bike! From that desire, the WalkyDog® bike leash was created...

A word from the WalkyDog® inventor

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We hope you and your dog love our products and enjoy biking together. Please reach out with any comments, suggestions, etc... We love hearing from our customers!

- Cesare Calvi