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The new & improved WalkyDog® Plus dog bike leash lets you safely take your dog with you on bike rides. Bring your best buddy along for the ride while maintaining stability and control. A bicycle dog leash is a great way to exercise your dog and release energy in a new exciting way - even for the most active of dogs. The WalkyDog Plus features a patented internal spring system that acts like suspension when your dog pulls, meaning less jolts for for you and your dog. Biking your dog has never been easier. The WalkyDog bike leash puts you in control while keeping your dog in a safe position next to the bicycle.

Overview of the Walky Dog Plus

The WalkyDog® Plus is the original dog bicycle leash. Our new Plus version of the WalkyDog has been completely upgraded with stronger metals, a stronger leash clip, stronger cord, and an updated quick-lock/release mechanism. The internal springs of the WalkyDog Plus absorb the pulls of your dog while keeping them in the safe zone right next to your bike and out of harms way. The WalkyDog Plus is easy to use, easy to install, and adjustable for medium (at least 30 lbs) to large dogs. The patented quick-lock/release feature makes it a breeze to quickly get on and off your bike. No other bike leash on the market offers this feature.

What Sets The Walky Dog Plus Apart

  • High Carbon Stainless Steel with Patented one of a kind quick-lock/release mechanism for quickly getting the bar on and off your bike
  • Universal adjustable seatpost clamp allows for mounting the WalkyDog on nearly any bike seatpost or frame
  • Fully adjustable cord length for dogs of different heights
  • Military Grade 550 paracord for added strength and longevity with adjustable internal spring system for dogs of varying strengths.

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The WalkyDog bike leash should not be used by children younger than 16 years of age or with a body weight lighter than 80 pounds. Before using the WalkyDog on the public rode, carefully check the Highway Code in your area. WALKY PET INC DBA JLM INC declines each and every responsibility that may derive from a use of the product that does not comply with the laws and regulations in force. The WalkyDog bike accessory should not be used by riders carrying children on the bike or by women who are pregnant. It is also not advised to use the WalkyDog with very small dogs - we recommend not less than 30 lbs. Please use your best judgment when using the Walky Dog and remember to always RIDE AT YOUR DOG'S PACE. 

Why Bike Your Dog?

Exercise is key to having a happy, healthy, well balanced dog. The sad truth is that most dog owners don't have the time or energy to satisfy their dog's exercise needs and as a result, many dogs are overweight. This may lead to medical issues down the road which could easily be avoided. Having the option to bike your dog in addition to normal exercise activities like walking, jogging, playing fetch, or taking your dog to the park, mixes things up and keeps the exercise routine fun and exciting. Biking is truly a fun activity for both you and your dog and many customers tell us their dog bolts for the door in excitement when they mention the "bike ride". Many dog owners can't keep up with their dogs when running or jogging them. Their dog may want to run faster or for longer distances than the owner can handle. Being able to safely bike your dog with the WalkyDog Plus allows you to exercise your dog on their level and in a fraction of the time. While next to the bike, many people report that their dog goes into an instinctive traveling mode and become more focused than on a normal walk because they can move at their desired pace.

Check out our dog biking tips section and our FAQ section if you have further questions about biking your dog using a specialized dog bike leash like the Walky Dog Plus.

Why Use A Dog Bike Leash?

While biking can be a fun activity for you and your dog, doing so without the right equipment can be extremely dangerous. Many customers find our products after attempting to bike their dog holding a normal leash. You might imagine the scary situations that can occur. For one thing, holding a leash while riding gives your dog far too much control over the bike. They can easily pull you off balance leading to a crash. Using a regular lead will also allow your dog to get too close to the front tire and possibly run in front of it. A normal leash doesn't offer any sort of pull absorption either. Using a dog bike leash like the WalkyDog Plus allows you to connect your dog to the bike while keeping both hands on the handle bars and in control. The internal springs absorb pulls from your dog and the rigid WalkyDog bar keeps your dog positioned in the safety area right next to the bike (not too far forward or too far back). This also allows you to keep an eye on your dog at all times. The WalkyDog Plus is quick to attach and easy to detach with the universal seatpost clamp and quick-lock release mechanism. You can have it on or off your bike in less than a second. It also can transition to a pull absorbing walking lead if desired when taken off the bike.

Why we love Walky Dog Plus Bike Leash:

  • It's simple to install (with only two bolts) and most dogs take to it right away with little to no training needed.
  • It's a great way to let your dog release energy - especially for dogs that are home alone all day. After all, a well exercised dog is happier, less destructive, and better behaved.
  • Internal springs in the Walky Dog bar provide stretch and pull absorption if your dog should jerk away, making it easier to keep your balance.
  • Unlike a normal leash, the WalkyDog keeps your dog positioned safely to the side of your bike and away from the front tire.
  • You can quickly remove the bar for safe storage or switch it to another bike (spare jaw clamp required) due to the patented quick release.
  • It's easily adjustable to work with dogs of different heights and sizes. The cord can even be replaced making this a product that can be made like new again even after years of use.
  • The WalkyDog is just plain FUN!

Dog Biking Tips

Read our dog biking tips page to learn everything you need to know about safely biking with your dog

Top Asked Questions

What makes the WalkyDog safer than holding a normal leash while biking?

Because the WalkyDog attaches securely onto the seatpost of your bike, you are able to keep both hands on the handlebars where they belong. The WalkyDog also has a patented internal shock absorbing system that severely reduces the pull from your dog and quickly corrects them if they try darting out to the side. The WalkyDog is also designed in such a way that your dog is deterred from trying to run too far ahead or get too close to your tires - but at the same time it keeps them close enough to your bike that you do not take up too much space on the road or trail.

Can I attach the WalkyDog directly to the dog's collar or should I use a dog pulling harness?

We advise using a dog harness with padding because it distributes the pull evenly and is more comfortable for your dog.

How does the Walky Dog attach to my bike?

The WalkyDog comes with a separate jaw clamp that attaches onto the seatpost of your bike. The jaw clamp will fit any standard seat post that is 3 1/4" - 4" inches in circumference. The WalkyDog leash then can be quickly attached and detached from the jawclamp via the quick release mechanism. Tip: Make sure your bicycle seat post is securely tightened to prevent movement if using the WalkyDog with a very powerful breed.

I have a smaller dog (under 30 lbs); is biking recommended?

Please remember that we do not recommend biking dogs that are under 30 lbs. Ideally your dog should also be 1 year old or more. Consult your vet if you are still unsure. If you are going to bike a smaller dog please ride at a slower pace and for shorter distances - it is important to never push your dog beyond his or her limit.

How far should I bike my dog at a time?

This will vary from dog to dog. Our suggestion is to limit the distance at first until your dog builds up stamina - they are just like people in this sense. Here are some things to keep in mind. Do not bike for very long periods of time on pavement - this can wear down your dog's pads and is a special concern on very hot days (monitor your dog's pads). ALWAYS bring water for your dog and give them breaks to have a drink. Only bike during the coolest parts of the day and NEVER push your dog beyond their capacity. Refer to our dog biking tips page for more information.

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