Inventor Cesare with his dog Plinski

Learn how the Walky Dog came to be the top selling dog bicycle leash worldwide.

About Us

The Walky Dog bicycle leash is the invention of Italian designer and dog lover, Cesare Calvi. It all started in the late 90's when Cesare was trying to solve a problem. He loved mountain biking, but his active Siberian Husky, Plinsky, was sad everytime Cesare left without him.

Not wanting to leave his best buddy behind, Cesare decided to try taking Plinski along with him. He figured that he would just hold onto Plinksi's regular leash and see how things went. Well, it went about as well as you might expect. Plinski was 4 years old at the time and very powerful. He was also very curious - especially when the occasional cat or squirrel popped up to say hello :) After several accidents, Cesare thought there had to be a better way that offered him more control while still keeping things fun for Plinski. 

Cesare asked several pet and bike shops for some accessories or tools to help him out, but found nothing currently existed. So that is when he put the famous Italian creativity to work and built a prototype of the very first Walky Dog bike leash. He focused on ease of use, ease of assembly, and of course, safety for both dog and rider. 

Soon, the first prototypes of the Walky Dog were manufactured and given out to friends for testing. For 5 years, Cesare and his friends biked their dogs regularly with the Walky Dog, having fun and enjoying the benefits of exercising their dogs together.

By mid 2002, while having dinner a long-time friend, Cesare thought that other dog-lovers could be facing the same problem he had come across; why not turn this 'pet' project into a business? So in October of the same year, Cesare and his partner established their company, BICE SRL, to manufacture and market the Walky Dog. Plinski was the official spokesdog of course :) He and Cesare enjoyed many great adventures over the years and met so many wonderful people along the way. Plinski couldn't have cared less about all this newfound fame though - he was just happy to be able to go on bike rides with his best buddy Cesare. 

Since it's official launch, the Walky Dog bike leash has been sold all over the world. It has gone through numerous improvements with the latest version (the Walky Dog Plus), being the top selling dog bicycle leash globally. Cesare was even approached to sell his business to one of the top pet product companies in Italy, Camon Pets. He accepted with the condition that he would still be able to be in charge of his baby. 

So this leads us to today, over 25 years since that first prototype was made. The Walky Dog Plus is still selling strong and continuously expanding distribution. Most importantly, it is allowing dog owners all over the world to experience the same fun Cesare and Plinski had together all those years ago. We hope you and your dog/s love our products and enjoy the outdoors together :)