WalkyDog® Plus Spare Seatpost Receiver

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Walky Dog Spare Jaw Bike Attachment Accessory. Designed to work with the WalkyDog® Plus dog bicycle leash, this attachment allows you to easily use your Walky Dog leash on multiple bikes, without having to remove your clamp each time! It’s easy to install, and the quick lock and release system means you never have to keep your excited dog waiting. Lost your WalkyDog seatpost clamp? Purchase it separately on this page.

  • Accessory must be used with the Walky Dog Plus Bicycle Exercise Dog Leash.
  • Spare clamp attachment allows you to use your Walky Dog leash on multiple bikes.
  • Saves you the hassle of having to remove the clamp each time you want to use a new bike.
  • Great for homes where multiple family members will be biking with the dog.
  • Easy to install and made of durable stainless steel with a quick lock and release system

Fully Assembled Spare Jaw

Fully Assembled Spare Jaw for Seat Post mounting of Walky Dog Bike leash. Includes PVC rubber liner, Hexagonal Allen Bolt Screws 1.5 inch and Hexagonal Jam Lock Nuts, where the one nut is jammed up against the other to prevent movement. Quick lock release is Hand lathed for precision fit into the walky dog bike leash. Galvanic Anti corrosion treatment to prevent rusting for outdoor use.


Hexagonal Allen Bolt Stainless Steel Screws

1.5 inch Hexagonal Stainless steel Screws

Hex Bolt Screw

Set of 4 Hexagonal Jam Nuts

Set of 4 Hexagonal stainless steel jam nuts.

Two nuts are used on each side to Lock into Position. As one is tightened against the other to prevent movement.


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