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The ultimate way to take your small pet on a bike ride! one-of-a-kind basket, specifically designed for people and pets on the move. A basket of bare essentials, if it doesn't make it perform better or look better, it isn't there. Studied for safety and comfort. Walky basket is made for quick getaways as well as trips to the vet or just for fun. Twin side pockets and a generous cargo compartment match the essential design. Quick release system basket can be removed from the bike in seconds. Dogs or pets up to 15lbs- general weight. Floor board made of padded cleanable nylon is removable for a quick wipe down. Leash tether is sewn into the floor of the basket underneath the removable padded floor board . Please remove the padded floor board on first use. Activate leash tether that is stowed away. Front zippered pocket, removable mesh top, easy fit shoulder straps. Quickly convert from biking basket to pet carrier, reflective front band for increased safety. Basket is 15.5" wide x 10" inches deep. For best results we do recommend professional installation by a bike shop. For customers that wish to install the mounting bracket we recommend watching the amazon video on installation.



Zippered front pocket has plenty of room for storage. Water bottles can be stored on each side of the basket.




The basket easily disconnects from the bike in seconds and can be used as a pet carrier. The shoulder straps are adjustable.

The basket comes complete with everything you need to mount the basket on the bike.

Mesh zippered top can be unzipped partial or removed complete to allow pet more freedom.


Wire cable provides the support for the weight of the basket and the dog. Allen wrench is provided to tighten cable.


Mounting bracket comes with different sized handle bar rings to cover different sizes of handle bar thickness.

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