Walky Guard Vehicle Barrier For Dogs

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WalkyGuard, is a headrest mounted universal dog guard. Made from high quality powdered coated steel. Cleverly designed telescopic bars allow for a very neat fit. Quick and easy to assemble, without needing any tools! This guard is easily adjustable to fit any car fitted with rear headrests, it can even be used with the parcel shelf still in place. Fast fitting headrest attachments mean it is easily moved from vehicle to vehicle (must have adjustable headrest for the guard to mount onto). 

Safe & Clean

At day at the beach for your dog can mean a day at the detailers for your hatchback or SUV. The Walky Guard keeps your sandy dog in the back, away from your clean seats. It also keeps him safe in all types of automobile—not allowing him to jump from one area to another. The optional Walky Guard Mesh covers the gap between front seats.

High-Quality Construction

Walky Guard is made from high-quality powdered-coated steel. It can resist the advances of dogs of all sizes. The cleverly-designed telescopic bars allow for a perfect fit while the headrest attachments hold tight.

Walky Guard Specs

Weight: 5 pounds
Minimum Size: 12 inches high by 34 inches wide
Maximum Extension: 18 inches high by 56 inches wide


  • Made from high-quality powder-coated steel for medium to large dogs. not recommended for small dogs as they can slip thru the bars
  • Vehicle must have adjustable headrest poles for the mounting to work, it will not work with fixed headrest. Please tighten clamps firmly.
  • It will not work in vehicles that have an additional seat belt box in the middle of the backseat.
  • Removing the guard is easy, just loosen off the tightening knobs and remove it from the headrest posts. Contact us for replacement parts and help with installation our customer service sheet is inside the box

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